Kyle coaches golfers of all ages and abilities how to play more consistently, fix their flaws, have more fun playing, scoring better and more. His programs are structured to help you achieve your personal goals.  To assist with this, Kyle uses Coach Now for video analysis, Flightscope for distances and swing characteristics and drills to reinforce the correct feedback.

My Philosophy – I​’​m very passionate about teaching and ​my goal is​​ simple:  to help my students ​have more fun playing the game of golf. I will isolate what causes your bad results and, more importantly, show you how to fix them​.  Eventually, my students will learn to teach themselves so they consistently play better.

Contact Kyle to see if he’s able to add new students at this time ~ Thank you

“Kyle is hands down the best instructor I have ever had. I’m a very visual learner and the way he teaches is fantastic. He has many different techniques to help you understand what he is teaching you and he doesn’t try to change too many things at once.  I’ve played golf for over 20 years and have some bad habits but with a few adjustments from Kyle I’m playing better than I ever have. No one better than Kyle!!!” – Dana S.

“Amazing instructor. Works with what you already have and doesn’t try to undue years of muscle memory but rather work with and tweak it to improve your game. Kyle is very personable and patient. I’d recommend Kyle to any level golfer.” – Tami P.

Private Lessons (45 minutes):  $120

Semi-Private Lessons (45 minutes):  $60/student



Private Lesson Rates

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